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A number of key organizations have provided letters of reference expressing their support for our mission-driven EB-5 Regional Center.

"As members of the 113th United States Congress we are joining to express our support for the Appalachian EB-5 Regional Center, a capital investment and job creation program in the two-state region we share in Eastern Tennessee and Western North Carolina.  The Appalachian EB-5 Regional Center is an important local driver of economic growth."

The Appalachian Regional Commission - United States Federal Agency

"We are writing today with our goals in mind to express our support for the Appalachian EB-5 Regional Center (EB-5 Center), a capital investment and job creation program in a 79-county (ARC) area in Eastern Tennessee and Western North Carolina."  We are pleased to know veteran economic developers CEO Dale Carroll and Sr. VP Pam Lewis are leading the EB-5 Center."

The North Carolina Department of Commerce - State Agency

"We are pleased that the Appalachian EB-5 Center has brought this resource to our state.  Our state ranks 7th in the USA for manufacturing employment supported by foreign direct investment and companies from more than 30 countries have operations in North Carolina.  At the NC Dept. of Commerce we are also pleased that the EB-5 Center leadership are veteran economic developers in our state that we have worked with throughout their careers."    

The University of North Carolina - International, Community & Economic Engagement

"I wish to join with other organizations to express my support for a new international and economic development resource in our state. Today, more than 220,000 students, including 9,264 international students are enrolled at UNC on 16 university campuses across the state and at the NC School of Science and Mathematics, the country's first public, residential high school for gifted students."

Charlotte USA Multi-State Economic Development Partnership

"We are pleased that another resource is available in North Carolina with the Appalachian EB-5 Regional Center.  The EB-5 Center's CEO Dale Carroll is a very experienced leader in economic development.  The Charlotte Regional Partnership and I have had the privilege of working with Carroll for many years including his public service as Deputy Secretary of Commerce for the State of North Carolina."

Meritus Ventures - Venture Capital Firm in Southern and Central Appalachia

"As one of the two founders and Fund Managers for Meritus Ventures, L.P., with offices in London, KY and Oak Ridge, TN, I am pleased that another capital resource is now available in our region of the southeastern United States.  CEO Dale Carroll and Sr. Vice President Pam Lewis are experienced economic developers, who are committed to this region, and are respected for developing resources."

Pegasus Capital - Singapore Based Corporate Finance Specialist

"My professional career has been in international finance, centered on Asia, and I am pleased to see the EB-5 Center in Asheville emerge as a promising vehicle for attracting direct investment from carefully screened high net worth individuals in that region to support quality job creation projects in the southeastern USA.  EB-5's Center CEO Dale Carroll and SVP Pam Lewis bring extensive economic development experience well-matched to the Center's mission."

North Carolina State University Office of Research, Innovation & Economic Development

"At NCSU we have 3,700 international students from 136 countries and our Office of International Affairs has a very strong program supporting students.  I have had the opportunity to work closely with the Appalachian EB-5 Center CEO Dale Carroll while he served as the Deputy Secretary of Commerce for the State of North Carolina.  Dale's leadership was demonstrated on the recruitment teams that secured major job commitments from NCSU Centennial Clients Red Hat and ABB for the Greater Raleigh, NC area vs. other states."

National Association of Development Organizations

"As Executive Director for the National Association of Development Organizations (NADO), I am pleased to write this letter in support of the Appalachian EB-5 Regional Center (EB-5 Center) with headquarters in Asheville, NC.  NADO is a network of 540 multi-jurisdictional regional planning and development organizations across the US that deliver and manage critical federal and state programs."

The North Carolina Rural Center - State-Wide Economic Development Organization

"We are pleased that another economic development resource is now available in our state.  The EB-5 Center's leadership has a long-term and stellar working relationship with us at the Rural Center.  CEO Dale Carroll and Sr. VP Pam Lewis led the effort to design the Advantage Opportunity Fund and through the Rural Center we placed seed capital in the fund, including participation on the fund's underwriting review committee."

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